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Update 10/3: Tomorrow's action is a numbers game. We need to show both the sheer number of violations that are happening throughout our city as well how the vast majority of them are being ignored. To do this we obviously need to capture as many violations as possible but we also need license plates which is the easiest way for us to check if the driver was eventually cited.

As you're logging reports tomorrow try to capture the license plate clearly in the photo. If the ALPR doesn't pick up the license plate, don't waste time typing it in, we'll add it manually later. Also don't worry about selecting a category or adding a description if there's another violation in front of you, just move on to the next one. Any questions hit us up and thanks again for all of your help tomorrow!

San Francisco is choked with cars that speed through our city and drive wherever the hell they want. We're tired of fearing for our lives while navigating around drivers that are illegally parked in our bike lanes and so are you.

The SFMTA is NOT sending enforcement out to the areas of our city that need it most and they are taking too long to get safety measures in the ground to protect you.

Let’s mobilize and report every blocked bike lane violation on our city’s busiest corridors and demand an immediate response from the SFMTA before another one of us is killed.

Friday, October 4th 2019
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