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You can now use Safe Lanes to report an illegal parking violation anywhere in the United States!
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Simply allow Safe Lanes to access your camera & location and the map will recenter on the city you are in. Take or upload a photo of a violation and we'll automatically forward your report to the appropriate authorities. In cities where we don't yet have an appropriate authority / agency on record, we'll hold on to your report until we can determine who to best send it to.

In either case your report will immediately appear on the map and is searchable in our database. Once we have enough data points in your city, we'll turn on our analysis engine to help identify problem areas and provide recommendations for enforcement.

Most Recent Reports
3 hours ago
San Francisco, CA
1250 Howard St
5 hours ago
Boston, MA
3927 Washington St
5 hours ago
Boston, MA
3958 Washington St
5 hours ago
Boston, MA
3951-3953 Washington St
5 hours ago
Boston, MA
4011-4019 Washington St
4 hours ago
Boston, MA
1005 Nassau St
4 hours ago
Boston, MA
645 Washington St
44 minutes ago
San Francisco, CA
264 Dore St
Recently In San Francisco, CA
5 hours ago
San Francisco, CA
335 Valencia St
5 hours ago
San Francisco, CA
219 Myrtle St
5 hours ago
San Francisco, CA
703 Florida St
5 hours ago
San Francisco, CA
1350 Turk St
4 hours ago
San Francisco, CA
1390 Market St
4 hours ago
San Francisco, CA
950 O'farrell St
3 hours ago
San Francisco, CA
1250 Howard St
44 minutes ago
San Francisco, CA
264 Dore St

Recently Active Cities
San Francisco, CA
Latest Violation: 1350 Turk St
39542 Reports
Boston, MA
Latest Violation: 502 Talbot Ave
8279 Reports
Oakland, CA
Latest Violation: 550 Grand Ave
1218 Reports
Denver, CO
Latest Violation: 939 Mariposa St
472 Reports
Los Angeles, CA
Latest Violation: 2827 Sunset Boulevard
409 Reports
San Diego, CA
Latest Violation: 126 West Pennsylvania Ave
340 Reports
Minneapolis, MN
Latest Violation: 719 West 26th St
197 Reports
Sunnyvale, CA
Latest Violation: 257 East Maude Ave
175 Reports
Brookline, MA
Latest Violation: 616a Hammond St
153 Reports
Atlanta, GA
Latest Violation: 5 Blvd
139 Reports
Mountain View, CA
Latest Violation: 503 E Middlefield Rd
139 Reports
Seattle, WA
Latest Violation: 547 N 79th St
125 Reports
Cambridge, MA
Latest Violation: 243 Broadway
106 Reports
Boise, ID
Latest Violation: 979 East Riverpark Lane
103 Reports
Buffalo, NY
Latest Violation: 80 Forest Ave
102 Reports
Manhattan, NY
Latest Violation: 2214 Frederick Douglass Blvd
75 Reports
San Jose, CA
Latest Violation: 354 South 2nd St
70 Reports
Urbana, IL
Latest Violation: 208 North Race St
55 Reports
Austin, TX
Latest Violation: 2001 Guadalupe Street
44 Reports
Somerville, MA
Latest Violation: 163 Washington Street
42 Reports
Denton, TX
Latest Violation: 1607 West Highland St
38 Reports
Portland, OR
Latest Violation: 1609 Southwest 12th Ave
37 Reports
Santa Monica, CA
Latest Violation: 420 Broadway
34 Reports
Raleigh, NC
Latest Violation: 27 South Harrington St
33 Reports
Brooklyn, NY
Latest Violation: 249 Dekalb Ave
31 Reports
Berkeley, CA
Latest Violation: 1001 Potrero Ave
30 Reports
Emeryville, CA
Latest Violation: 5749 Horton St
19 Reports
Santa Clara, CA
Latest Violation: 3165 Kifer Road
16 Reports
Champaign, IL
Latest Violation: 207 South 5th St
12 Reports
Palo Alto, CA
Latest Violation: 307 Loma Verde Ave
12 Reports
Bloomington, IN
Latest Violation: 518 South Washington St
11 Reports
Chicago, IL
Latest Violation: 5501 South Ingleside Ave
11 Reports
Ann Arbor, MI
Latest Violation: 212 Miller Ave
10 Reports
Beverly Hills, CA
Latest Violation: 9929 Santa Monica Blvd
10 Reports
Louisville, KY
Latest Violation: 1009 East Kentucky St
9 Reports
Daly City, CA
Latest Violation: 118 Oliver St
8 Reports
Queens, NY
Latest Violation: 455 Onderdonk Ave
8 Reports
Philadelphia, PA
Latest Violation: 140 William St
8 Reports
Rochester, NY
Latest Violation: 687 Monroe Avenue
8 Reports
Pasadena, CA
Latest Violation: 263 West Green St
6 Reports
Menlo Park, CA
Latest Violation: 21 Homewood Pl
5 Reports