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We are building an army and empowering it with data that will pressure our elected officials to reduce the number of cars in our cities and put safer infrastructure in the ground. Join us.

Native App Engineer

We have a solid proof of concept that shows the power of croudsourcing illegal parking data and putting it on the web. Now we need to stabilize our reporting tools and get Safe Lanes into the App Store. If you have deep experience developing for iOS, Android or with React Native please reach out. Whether you can own this effort outright or are only able to advise on the weekend, any contribution is enormously appreciated. This is a unique opportunity to have a massive impact on our project.

Data Scientist / Visualist

We now have over 21K illegal parking violations in our database and over 100K citations. How can we present this data to the public in ways that will inspire people to rise up and take action? We are building tools to help people engage their elected officials and we need to present our data in ways that can help inform those conversations. If you specialize in data analysis and developing interactive media in tools such as D3.js, please contact us.

Visual / Interaction Designer

We are adding new content to our site daily and need your help to keeping it organized and easily accessible. If you specialize in visual and interaction design and are well versed in modern web-based prototyping tools please reach out.

Communications Director

Our work cannot realize its full potential unless we can connect with advocacy orgs, local news outlets and the decision makers who have the power to advance our agenda for transportation justice and safer streets. If you have a background in outreach and copywriting we would love to have you join our team.

Platform Advocate

Excited about what we're building but none of the above resonates? There are many ways you can help us build support for Safe Lanes in your community. For example, we can help you organize a Day of Action to conduct a point in time count of illegal parking violations in your city and then help you take that data to your city council and local media. We have the technology, you have boots on the ground. Let's talk.