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Ready, Aim,
Monkey Lights!

The days are getting shorter and to help you stay safe out there we've teamed up with MonkeyLectric to light up your ride!

Over the month of October we'll be awarding special edition Monkey Lights to our collaborators who report the most blocked bike lane violations with special prizes for those who go the extra mile!

How to Participate

Simply login to our app and get reporting!
The contest runs through the full month of October with winners announced on November 1st, 2019. Track your progess on your profile page and via a live leaderboard (with your name anonymized) coming soon!

How to Win!

There are multiple ways to win. The easiest is by simply submitting the most reports throughout the month of October however to level the playing field we've assigned a point value to many major cities based on their population density, quality of cycling infrastructure and history of dangerous driving violations. Since it's generally easier to come across a blocked bike lane violation in denser urban environments we want to make sure that our friends in smaller cities have a chance to light up the night too!


We are giving away some super rad bike lights courtesy of our friends at MonkeyLectric. These are THE lights that will be sure to get you noticed around town. Nothing says BIKE PARTY! like a pair of super bright Monkey Lights lighting up your ride!


Earn points for each report submitted in the cities below
Atlanta, GA – 4pts
Arlington, VA – 4pts
Austin, TX – 4pts
Berkeley, CA – 3pts
Boston, MA – 3pts
Boise, ID – 4pts
Boulder, CO – 3pts
Cambridge, MA – 4pts
Charlotte, NC – 4pts
Chicago, IL – 3pts
Colorado Springs, CO – 4pts
Davis, CA – 4pts
Dallas, TX – 4pts
Denver, CO – 4pts
Eugene, OR – 4pts
Fort Collins, CO – 4pts
Gainesville, FL – 4pts
Honolulu, HI – 4pts
Houston, TX – 4pts
Los Angeles, CA – 3pts
Madison, WI – 4pts
Minneapolis, MN – 3pts
New Orleans, LA – 4pts
New York, NY – 2pts
Philadelphia, PA – 3pts
Phoenix, AZ – 4pts
Portland, OR – 4pts
Oakland, CA – 3pts
Salt Lake City, UT – 4pts
San Diego, CA – 4pts
San Jose, CA – 3pts
Sacramento, CA – 4pts
San Francisco, CA – 2pts
St. Paul, MN – 4pts
Seattle, WA – 4pts
Tempe, AZ – 4pts
Tucson, AZ – 4pts
Washington DC – 4pts

Earn 5 points for every report submitted in a city that is not on this list!

Special Prize: The Explorer

We're giving away a special edition M232R Monkey Light to whoever logs the most reports in the most number of cities so get out that camera and get clicking! The winner will be decided first by the number of cities they've reported in and then the total number of reports they've submitted. Example, someone who submits 10 reports in 10 cities (1 in each city) will win this prize over someone who submit 20 reports in 5 cities (4 in each city). However the latter will still be eligible in the primary contest by the number of points they accumalate or the total number of reports.

Special Prize: The Persister

Got what it takes to go the extra mile for safe bike lanes? Anyone who submits at least one report every day in October gets a totally rad M204 Monkey Light!


What consitutes a blocked bike lane?

Every report must clearly show a bike lane that is distinguishable from a general purpose vehicle lane obstructed by at least one of the following things:

  • A motor vehicle such as a car, truck, van or motorcycle
  • Construction signage or equipment
  • Debris such as garbage bags, dumpster or similar

Bike lanes often, but not always, will have something to delineate them from general purpose vehicle lanes. This includes chevrons, striping, soft hit posts aka flex posts, physical barriers such as planters or other street furnishings. Bike lanes come in all shapes and sizes so just use your best judgement. If we can't tell if it's a bike lane, we'll give you the benefit of a doubt. Because we support our neighbors who utlize non environment polluting transport, the following do not qualify as bike lane obstructions:

  • Pedestrians
  • Scooters
  • Skateboards
  • Wheelchairs

Any questions don't hesistate to contact us or reach out on Twitter.

Must be 13 years or older to participate and reside within the US. Limit of 1 award per participant. Contest begins at 12:00AM (PST) October 1st and ends at 11:59PM (PST) October 31st. Winners announced on November 1st 2019.